About Us

Sweet Bay started out in 2015 as a local sweet delivery company, delivering sweets across the Bristol area. After some time becoming more reputable and reliable, we started offering our customers the opportunity to win mountains of sweets and chocolates through competitions. Following on from sweets and chocolates, our customers started to request that we host competitions for holidays, electronics, and other luxury items.


Over the past few months we have been expanding to deliver our sweets and competitions to the whole of the United Kingdom, forming our business Sweet Bay Enterprises. We offer a range of sweets in our Shop, and multiple luxury items in our Competitions page.


Sweet Bay Enterprises is a family run business. We aim to give you the best experience when using our services, whether purchasing sweets or entering competitions. All of our competitions will be fully transparent, ensuring you can see which numbers were purchased and at what time. With all draws being completed within 72 hours of a competition ending, drawn on live stream using our state of the art gravity pick machine.

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