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Cloud Nine Wide


The Cloud Nine Wide Iron has been developed to control and style the thickest and most unruly hair types with its extra wide and super smooth ceramic plates. The innovative temperature control feature of this multi award winning iron allows you to choose from seven different temperatures, ensuring optimum performance for all hair types. The floating, mineral-coated ceramic plates are proven to be kinder to the hair, leaving it feeling conditioned and cared for.

With a total of seven temperature control options, you will be able to set the iron from 100 degrees to 200 degrees, so you can choose the heat that’s best suited to your hair type.


  • Digital controls.
  • Variable temperature so you can adapt this to your specific hair needs for ultimate control.
  • Maximum temperature 200°C.
  • 20 second heat-up time.
  • Heat ready indicator.
  • Ceramic plates.
  • 2.9m swivel cord.
  • Automatic safety shut-off after 30 minutes.
  • Accessories include: heat guard, heat-proof pouch, safety stand.

Winner is: laurentrinell

Ticket number: 35 Answer: Red,White and Blue
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Competition winner is: laurentrinell

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22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell58
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell1
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell12
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell15
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell17
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell18
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell19
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell20
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell27
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell28
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell35
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell48
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell54
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell49
22nd March 10:10 pmlaurentrinell57
31st October 9:41 pmleannehanson37
31st October 9:41 pmleannehanson52
31st October 9:40 pmhayleymayer46
31st October 9:40 pmhayleymayer32
31st October 9:40 pmhayleymayer7
31st October 9:37 pmdenisejoyner-26034
31st October 9:37 pmdenisejoyner-260310
31st October 9:37 pmdenisejoyner-260360
31st October 9:37 pmdenisejoyner-260329
31st October 9:37 pmdenisejoyner-260326
31st October 9:37 pmdenisejoyner-260325
31st October 9:37 pmdenisejoyner-260350
31st October 9:33 pmcarlyarnold59
31st October 9:33 pmcarlyarnold44
31st October 9:33 pmcarlyarnold31
31st October 9:33 pmcarlyarnold56
31st October 9:33 pmcarlyarnold41
31st October 9:30 pmcharleeryall6
31st October 9:30 pmcharleeryall40
31st October 9:30 pmcharleeryall42
31st October 9:30 pmcharleeryall2
31st October 9:30 pmcharleeryall33
31st October 9:27 pmhaleynorman23
31st October 9:27 pmhaleynorman11
31st October 9:27 pmhaleynorman55
31st October 9:27 pmhaleynorman39
31st October 9:27 pmhaleynorman38
31st October 9:25 pmshannonmansell14
31st October 9:25 pmshannonmansell21
31st October 9:25 pmshannonmansell30
31st October 9:25 pmshannonmansell43
31st October 9:25 pmshannonmansell45
31st October 9:22 pmleannehanson36
31st October 9:20 pmtonihaskins16
31st October 9:20 pmtonihaskins5
31st October 9:16 pmsallystoneman13
31st October 9:16 pmsallystoneman8
31st October 9:16 pmsallystoneman24
31st October 9:16 pmsallystoneman53
31st October 9:16 pmsallystoneman47
31st October 9:13 pmlisaford51
31st October 9:13 pmlisaford34
31st October 9:13 pmlisaford22
31st October 9:13 pmlisaford9
31st October 9:13 pmlisaford3
31st October 9:06 pmCompetition started

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