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Intex Hotub


Intex PureSpa 4 person Spa

Indulge yourself with some luxury comfort with your very own intex pure spa that has a capacity of up to 4 people this could be all yours for a small price of £5


With a Total Number of 120 Spa Jets this includes – Tub, insulated cover, heating, filtration, air blower, hard water system, two filter cartridges, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, carry bag, floating dispenser, test strip, 50W Water pump and 800W air jet pump.


Personal Assembly will be required.


Features and Benefits- Cord-connected spa with pump, heater, blower, built-in hard water treatment and easy-to-use control panel.


Fibre-Tech construction is comprised of thousands of high-strength polyester fibres, resulting in amazing durability and comfort.


Built-in electronic hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin, clothes and the entire spa system.



Winner is: Narinder Thompson

Ticket number: 65 Answer: London
Competition History

Competition has finished

Competition winner is: Narinder Thompson

Date User Ticket number
11th April 1:57 pmKelly Hudson77
11th April 1:53 pmJoanne Carter80
11th April 1:53 pmJoanne Carter70
11th April 1:52 pmlouiseshaw198556
11th April 1:42 pmNatalie Burt72
11th April 12:30 pmiloveallybabs67
11th April 12:30 pmiloveallybabs52
11th April 12:18 pmlisa browning31
11th April 11:58 amNarinder Thompson50
11th April 11:58 amNarinder Thompson60
11th April 11:25 amNic Jay Feeney57
11th April 11:25 amNic Jay Feeney76
11th April 9:29 amKym Heavens79
11th April 9:21 amHayley Norman78
11th April 9:13 amNatalie Burt71
11th April 9:13 amNatalie Burt35
11th April 9:13 amNatalie Burt9
11th April 9:13 amNatalie Burt1
10th April 8:41 pmZoe Osborne40
10th April 8:38 pmSahra Lou46
10th April 8:38 pmSahra Lou59
10th April 8:55 amNicola Clark41
10th April 8:07 amhodderclaire75
9th April 10:04 pmBen Thompson10
9th April 10:04 pmBen Thompson4
9th April 10:04 pmBen Thompson48
9th April 10:04 pmBen Thompson6
9th April 6:30 pmlisa browning45
9th April 6:30 pmlisa browning19
9th April 5:50 pmellenmilkins55
9th April 5:50 pmellenmilkins3
9th April 5:27 pmNarinder Thompson65
9th April 5:27 pmNarinder Thompson43
9th April 5:25 pmGemma Jackson73
9th April 5:25 pmGemma Jackson36
9th April 4:45 pmPaige Smith42
9th April 4:45 pmPaige Smith68
9th April 4:23 pmLaura Partridge51
9th April 4:23 pmLaura Partridge2
9th April 3:00 pmlouiseshaw198530
9th April 2:04 pmKayleigh Davidson34
9th April 2:00 pmSabrina O'Connor33
9th April 2:00 pmSabrina O'Connor66
9th April 1:56 pmmichelle.rawlins12
9th April 1:56 pmmichelle.rawlins14
9th April 1:56 pmmichelle.rawlins17
9th April 1:56 pmmichelle.rawlins74
9th April 1:52 pmJodie White15
9th April 1:52 pmJodie White27
9th April 1:35 pmWhitney Burrows58
9th April 1:35 pmWhitney Burrows37
9th April 1:34 pmmrstethington38
9th April 1:26 pmPaige Smith22
9th April 1:07 pmShelly Griffin64
9th April 1:07 pmShelly Griffin16
9th April 12:58 pmtotichick21
9th April 12:57 pmelliemay11144
9th April 12:48 pmToni Haskins53
9th April 12:46 pmlisa browning39
9th April 12:46 pmlisa browning49
9th April 12:41 pmToni Haskins47
9th April 12:41 pmToni Haskins18
9th April 12:40 pmKellie Clark24
9th April 12:28 pmRebecca Evans54
9th April 12:24 pmShauni Hook32
9th April 12:21 pmPaige Smith23
9th April 12:04 pmKaren Hacker28
9th April 12:04 pmKaren Hacker20
9th April 12:03 pmChelsea Blackmore25
9th April 12:03 pmChelsea Blackmore8
9th April 12:02 pmAlyson Bussell29
9th April 12:02 pmAlyson Bussell61
9th April 12:02 pmAlyson Bussell13
9th April 12:02 pmAlyson Bussell11
4th April 5:42 pmLewis Gregory26
4th April 5:42 pmLewis Gregory62
7th February 2:36 pmLouise Baker69
7th February 2:36 pmLouise Baker7
3rd January 8:22 pmRebecca Hill63
11th September 9:09 pmLouise Baker5
28th August 6:00 amCompetition started

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